Global Commerce celebrates record-breaking fiscal year

The Georgia Department of Economic Development’ Global Commerce team along with Governor Deal recently announced its FY17 economic impact numbers at Honeywell’s new Midtown Atlanta headquarters.

In FY17, the Global Commerce team had a big impact in Georgia. The 377 projects they located had an incredible impact on our state with $6.3 billion investment and 30,309 jobs created. These numbers together bolster a record-breaking fiscal year! Did you know that eight of the top 20 job creating projects were announced in FY17? These top projects include: Honeywell, Luxottica, Amazon, Sentury Tire, Home Chef, UPS, Anthem and NCR.

Gov. Nathan Deal said it best, “The FY17 investment numbers and new jobs figures represent not only meaningful opportunities for communities across our state, but also new sources of income for more than 30,000 families. From the support of our state legislature and local officials, Georgia has proven to be a reliable and responsible place for businesses of all sizes to plan for future growth.”

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In addition to our overall jobs and investment:

  • Companies new to the state created 12,444 jobs and generated $2.64 billion in investments.
  • Georgia’s financial technology sector saw the most significant job growth, with an increase of 250 percent
  • The software and technology industry increased projects by 30 percent (42 projects), representing 9,821 jobs and $1.4 billion in investments.
  • 86 Foreign Direct Investment international projects created more than 6,000 jobs and generated over $1.6 billion in investments.
  • The Athens region saw the greatest number of new jobs (2,918) and the LaGrange region experienced the largest total investment with $766 million.
  • International investments from European companies included 51 locations, creating 4,468 jobs and generating $809 million in investments. Among European companies, those from Germany, Ireland and Italy created the most jobs in Georgia.
  • Investments from companies in Asian countries included 22 locations, creating 1,445 jobs and generating $751 million in investments. Companies from China, Japan and South Korea provided the largest investments among countries in Asia.
  • The Entrepreneur and Small Business team served 1,760 companies in FY17, 60 percent of which were startup companies.

We are incredibly thankful to our hard working Global Commerce team and partners all over the state who helped contribute to a prosperous fiscal year. Cheers to an even more successful FY18.

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Celebration of Success - FY17 Global Commerce Economic Impact
Click here for more on our FY17 numbers.

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