Mark your calendar to get involved with GUARD

The Georgia Department of Economic Development’s (GDEcD) GUARD Initiative is dedicated to diversifying defense-related businesses throughout Georgia. Here’s a list of upcoming events, opportunities and ways that you can get involved…

1- Complete the DoD Supplier Survey

GDEcD recently launched a short survey of defense suppliers to help get the most accurate picture of DoD contract spending within Georgia.  Click here to complete the survey, due by March 10, 2017.

2- Attend the NDIA Breakfast

GDEcD’s Center of Innovation for Aerospace Director Amy Hudnall and Director of Existing Industry and Regional Recruitment Lindsay Martin will serve as the keynote speakers during the National Defense Industry Association (NDIA) Georgia Chapter Quarterly Breakfast held at the Georgian Club on March 22, 2017. 

3- Attend SOAR 2017

The Supplier Opportunities & Resources Conference (SOAR) 2017 will take place April 19– 20, 2017 at Middle Georgia State University Conference Center in Macon. Aerospace and Defense suppliers are invited participate in this business development event to build your network of aerospace and defense companies, and take part in development sessions to help explore new markets and expand skills.

Contact Center of Innovation for Aerospace Senior Project Manager Bo Causey at Bcausey@georgia.org or click here for more information about the GUARD Initiative.

Contact GDEcD

For more information on Georgia’s public-private business partnerships, contact the Georgia Department of Economic Development at 404.962.4000.

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