Reinventing Itself: Mann Beauty Supply and Thrix Hair Products

By Ryan Waldrep, Assistant Director for Entrepreneur and Small Business Development

Small Business Spotlight | Jones County | Region 6

picture2The roots of Mann Beauty Supply, owned by Charlotte and Jerry Mann, are humble, and began as many successful small businesses have.

Charlotte had a favorite hair product store which she frequented. During one of these visits, the owner confided in her that they were selling the business. She and her husband, Jerry, thought and prayed about buying the business, and after a while, it became evident that simply selling the existing line of products was not going to be enough to support their family.

So the Manns began looking for additional products to market, and quickly developed a relationship with a company based in California. After a short time, sales began to grow, and Mann Beauty Supply became a top producer.

Not long after, the rug was yanked out from under the growing company when the Mann’s contract was canceled. After a brief period, the contract was reissued but one thing was clear: If they did not own their own line of products, they would never be in the driver’s seat and always subject to the will of others.

screen-shot-2016-11-15-at-2-06-26-pmThe Manns set out to develop their own line of beauty products. Being a family of fierce faith, they quickly decided on the name “Thrix,” which is referenced in the Bible and is Greek for hair.

They worked with product developed across the US and with color specialists in Italy to develop their line of products and hair coloring systems. The design of the packaging is all completed at the company’s location in Jones County. Since this time, the Thrix line of hair products has expanded to include organic-based products, keratin and botanical extracts.

Currently, Mann’s Beauty Supply participates in hair shows in Orlando and Birmingham. Shows have been successful and customers extend all the way to Arizona, California and New York.

Additional salespeople operate weekly routes to professional hair salons throughout Georgia. Today, the company in Jones County has nine employees, working to ship Thrix products across the nation.

Logistics is very important, as Thrix uses UPS to ship direct orders to salons and sales representatives throughout the country. When asked what makes Georgia a great place for their businesses, Charlotte quickly noted that “Georgia is home.”

Want more? Check out Thrix online, on Facebook, and on Pinterest and maybe buy a bottle for yourself!

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