TSAV: Enhancing Communication Through Technology

By Ryan Waldrep, Assistant Director for Entrepreneur and Small Business Development

Athens | Region 5

Technology is being used in new and exciting ways to enhance the world around us. From corporate board rooms to sports arenas and everywhere in between, pictures, video and sounds are used to communicate thoughts, ideas and emotions.

FAT 2012TSAV (Technical Services Audio Visual), headquartered in Athens, has mastered the art of communicating through technology, and it is no wonder that they were recognized as one of Georgia’s Small Business Rock Stars in 2015!

TSAV is a Georgia-based technology consulting, design, systems integration and support firm that has developed a true global presence.

Building on more than 20 years of experience in integrating complex technical systems for communications requirements, TSAV specializes in facilitating communication through the implementation of coherent innovative audiovisual systems. And they do so through a commitment to long term relationships with their clients, partners and staff.

The idea for TSAV began humbly enough. Technology-based job opportunities were limited in the early 90s, and Peter Dugas was surrounded by many talented people with amazing technology and audio visual skills. He had a desire to work with these talented, creative and techy people that could be found in Athens and beyond.

Dugas founded TSAV in 1991 in Athens as a systems integrator, and within a few short years had developed it into a leading firm in the region. By 1998, demand for their services had grown significantly, and the design consultation division was established.

Since then, steady growth has been attributed to a commitment to PMI principles, design engineering standards, a commitment to safety, an incentive structure that rewards team successes, and a sustained commitment to supporting their teams.

group shot tsav cropNow employing just over 100 innovative people across Georgia, TSAV’s employees believe their work can facilitate empowerment and enhanced delivery of messages.

By integrating hardware, software and place with an organization’s goals, TSAV explores the possibilities derived from innovative design practices. Even with this growth, TSAV has remained loyal to its Georgia roots and opened regional and technology offices in Atlanta and Macon.

Peter feels there are many different reasons that Georgia is a great place to start a business.

“The employment laws in Georgia create a valuable environment for small businesses to thrive. Additionally, Atlanta continues to be such an interconnected and almost global city. Geographically, we are in the right place.” -Peter Dugas, President and Founder, TSAV

TSAV has been involved with many organizations and groups that have helped to shape the growth of the company. The Georgia Minority Supplier Development Council, Georgia Mentor Protégé Connection, Executives at Turner Construction and a network of mentors have provided ideas, guidance and support as the company has matured.

Many of the challenges that keep Peter and his team on their toes revolve around continued growth of the company. First and foremost is keeping staff members abreast of constantly changing technology, especially with a young talent pool.

Peter also commented that the right mix of people has helped to define the success of TSAV.

“Through the years, people have been what this business has been built upon. In essence, people are the fabric that holds everything together,” he says. “Without the right people, we could have accomplished nothing. It has been such a reward to share with every person who is a part of the TSAV team as he or she grows, learns and accomplishes so much throughout the past 20 plus years, and as those team members continue to contribute to TSAV’s success.”

BMEIn Peter’s eyes, his persistence has paid off.

“Everything worthwhile will take time. I’ve learned that while ambition can provide you the destination, persistence will be the vehicle needed while on the journey.”

The next time you’re in a stadium or theatre, think about the technology that helps communicate ideas to individuals, to the 12 people gathered around a boardroom table, or even 92,000 avid Dawg fans…and think of TSAV.

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