2016 Small Business ROCK STAR: IACT Health

Today marks the last day of Georgia Small Business Week, as well as the last feature of our 2016 Small Business ROCK STARS. We are very proud to be the home of each of these stand-out businesses.

  • Creature Comforts Brewing Company, Athens-Clarke County
  • D&J Plastics, Quitman County
  • Reformation Brewery, Cherokee County
  • IACT Health, Muscogee County
  • ViziTech USA, Putnam County

Every year, the Small Business ROCK STARS honor Georgia’s best small businesses that have shown outstanding leadership, innovation and growth over 12 months. This week, we will highlight each of the five winners in a featured blog post—giving you an inside look at the top small businesses in the state.


IACTHealth-1200pxNo ROCK STAR list would be complete without one of Georgia’s top health companies, and IACT Health is changing the way clinical research is conducted.

IACT Health preforms key research for the pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device industries. Their approach is both unique and innovative: While clinical research is typically conducted on a large scale or in an academic setting, IACT reaches out to the community so that both academic medical centers and small physician practices can participate in research successfully.

“We have grown a clinical research enterprise from absolutely nothing over the past 10 years,” said Jeff Kingsley, CEO of IACT Health. We have no other revenue and no other clinical focus outside of research activities.”

Sixty percent of physicians who get involved in research quit and never go back. But by providing all the infrastructure necessary for success, these physicians and medical centers are able to sustain research as part of their medical practice activity.

And IACT is setting the bar for what health research can be. The research company is more than 10 times the size of the average research site in the US and receives no federal, state or local grant money—creating no burden on the taxpayer. They also provide 100% free health care to their patients and don’t participate in any insurance programs.

The Greater Columbus Chamber of Commerce and and the Small Business Development Center at Columbus State University have helped IACT Health with their marketing plan and in growing their business not just regionally, but globally. A lot of the dollars that are flowing into the region are coming from US companies outside of Georgia, companies in the UK, Germany, Austria, Japan, and China.

You can find IACT Health on the web at iacthealth.com.


For more information on small businesses in Georgia and how you can start or grow your own, visit Georgia.org/Small-Business.

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