COI Director Spotlight: Jannine Miller, Center for Logistics

Jannine Miller has been the director of the Center of Innovation for Logistics since February 2015. Her career in transportation and economic development spans more than 15 years, and she has performed finance and infrastructure strategy for both the public and private sectors alike. Jannine has worked with the Governor’s office, the Department of Transportation, the State Road & Tollway Authority, the University System of Georgia, and The Home Depot. In every position she’s held, her focus has been on enacting the most cost-effective methods for business growth and profitability.

What drew you to this position?

I was drawn to the work the Center does—helping Georgia’s shippers and cargo owners make the most of the nation’s best logistics network. And beyond that, the Georgia Department of Economic Development is an amazing place to work!

What do you offer logistics companies in Georgia?

2015_GeorgiaLogisticsSummit_0119The ability to connect with each other and with potential customers and cargo owners growing in or relocating to Georgia.

What is your favorite part of what you do?

Learning about each company’s unique supply chain model and thinking through ways that Georgia’s logistics offerings can give them the competitive advantage they seek.

Our annual Georgia Logistics Summit is also coming up April 19-20th, and I’m very excited for what we’re doing differently this year. It’s going to be more shipper-focused and offer industry sector receptions.

Why is Georgia a great place for logistics?

Georgia is home to the fastest-growing port, plus we have a uniquely complete set of logistics options – from the unparalleled scope & scale of infrastructure to a most robust cadre of 12,000 logistics providers. Add to that our superior climate for business – low taxes, economic growth, and the diverse workforce needed for success today – and Georgia simply can’t be beat!

What’s one of the hottest areas in logistics right now?

In one word: technology. Technology is at the very core of what is required for today’s logistics processes and is vital to both collect and analyze data required to predict customer demand. Also, on the other end of the spectrum, logistics providers such as trucking companies, railroads, and distribution centers, are deploying sophisticated technologies that automate their processes in every way.

What are you most excited about for the logistics industry and Georgia in 2016?

Growth in the population and the economy of the Southeast that will require using all the logistics capabilities we currently have, and that will continue to be refined and improved.

What do you do in your spare time?

FullSizeRenderAs much as I can! Life is so fun and full of great things to do. I love playing tennis, listening to audio-books, going out dancing, taking my pup Sullivan for walks in the park, learning about history, and watching action-adventure movies on the big screen…but I haven’t yet had the chance to see the new Star Wars movie so don’t spoil it for me!

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve received?

There are simply too many excellent pieces of advice I’ve been given to list out. But if I could pass along a couple of the ones I’ve benefited most from, they would be to think and be positive, and to “shoot the closest tank first.”

What are you currently watching on Netflix?

“America: The Story of Us” (I love American history!)

What do you hope Georgia’s logistics industry looks like 5 years from now? And how do you think your Center will be a part of it?

Our Center is working to do everything we can to fuel Georgia’s logistics competitiveness so that 5 years from now, our state will remain as the premier place for logistics-enabled companies to conduct and grow their business!

For more information on the Georgia Center of Innovation for Logistics, and to find out how Jannine can help grow your logistics business, click here.

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