Georgia ranked No. 4 for small business environment

In Georgia, we grow things. Peaches, poultry, peanuts, pecans, cotton, blueberries and pines rank among some of Georgia’s most well-known homegrown products. And small business growth is not only taking root, but is growing like kudzu. Thumbtack.com’s Small Business Sentiment Survey recently ranked Georgia as having the fourth best environment in the nation for small businesses and entrepreneurs. The survey found that Georgia’s business owners felt overwhelming optimistic about the future, and over 80 percent of small businesses expect their revenues will increase. The survey also showed that businesses in Southern states are more optimistic than their counterparts in other parts of the country. Georgia also earned a grade of A- for its overall friendliness to small business.

Why is this ranking such exciting news? Almost 78 percent of the businesses in Georgia employ less than 10 people. To help recognize small businesses and entrepreneurs throughout the state, the Georgia Department of Economic Development and the Georgia Economic Developers Association will celebrate Georgia’s Small Business Rock Stars during Georgia Small Business Week in February 2016. So, think about the great small businesses in your community and consider nominating them (or yourself!) for this outstanding award at Georgia.org/RockStars.

Georgia certainly has the right environment for growing small businesses. It might have something to do with sweet tea!

Got a Small Business question? Start the conversation! Contact Ryan Waldrep, assistant director for entrepreneur and small business development, at (229) 3135-1576 or [email protected].

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