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The Center of Innovation for Aerospace provides the technical industry expertise, collaborative research and partnerships to help the state's aerospace industry connect, compete and grow. The Center advances recognition of Georgia’s strength in the global aerospace industry, and contributes to the entrepreneurial and educational ecosystems required for its continued growth. Home to more than 800 aerospace companies and total workforce of 99,000, the state benefits from a diverse industry across the sectors of manufacturing, maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO), and transportation. Home to powerhouses Gulfstream Aerospace, Delta Air Lines, and Lockheed Martin, aerospace products are the number one export from the state of Georgia at $8.44 billion.


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Is Georgia the Next Great Place for Space?

“Space launch and operations continues to be a huge player in the future of Georgia’s aerospace industry. With strong research assets like those found at Georgia Tech, a growing cluster of very capable companies, and a geographic position like no other, we think that Georgia is on the cusp of being a national participant in numerous space endeavors.”
-Steve Justice, Director, Georgia Center of Innovation for Aerospace

Aerospace leaders from across the state gathered at the Georgia Tech Research Institute on July 29 to develop a plan to expand the space industry within Georgia. The Georgia Space Leadership Summit, sponsored by the Center of Innovation for Aerospace and the Georgia Tech Center for Space Technology and Research (C-STAR), included representatives from academia, industry, state government and the investor community. The Summit featured morning panel sessions followed by afternoon group discussions to identify specific, actionable short and long-term recommendations to grow space within the state of Georgia. Panelists and speakers included:

  • Dr. Robert Braun – Director, GT C-STAR
  • Mr. Steve Justice – Director, Center of Innovation for Aerospace
  • Dr. Steve Cross – Georgia Tech Executive Vice President for Research
  • Rep. Ed Setzler – Chairman Science & Technology Committee, Georgia House of Representatives
  • Mr. Steve Howard – County Manager, Camden County, Georgia
  • Dr. John Bradford – President, SpaceWorks
  • Mr. Mike Mealling – President, Georgia Space Society
  • Dr. Stephen Ruffin – Director, Georgia Space Grant Consortium
  • Mr. Stephen Fleming – Vice President, Georgia Tech Enterprise Innovation Institute
  • Mr. Jacob Vallo – Managing Principal, Amsterdam Capital
  • Mr. Robert Turner – Partner, 360 Venture Law

Moderating the event was Dr. Mariel Borowitz of the Sam Nunn School of International Affairs at Georgia Tech who will assist in preparing the proceedings of the summit along side, the Georgia Center of Innovation for Aerospace and the Georgia Tech C-STAR to serve as the road map for the efforts of the Georgia space community to grow the local space industry.

In developing the industry road map, the group will take a look at the existing university research assets in Georgia to better position them for this industry, work with existing companies and those looking at Georgia on what needs they believe should be addressed, and working with the numerous partners to develop a communication and outreach strategy among others.

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photo courtesy of the Georgia Institute of Technology

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