Georgia leading the way as a Health IT hotbed

Recently, Clinical Innovation + Technology magazine profiled Georgia’s robust Health IT industry and the resources provided to companies through the Center of Innovation for Information Technology.

Just as the nation’s no. 1 workforce training program, QuickStart, breaks ground on the Georgia BioScience Training Center, supporting training for Baxter International employees and other life sciences companies, Georgia continues to see tremendous growth from the over 200 health IT companies that already call the state home.

Major industry players like McKesson and Greenway Medical lead the way in this industry which currently has over 165,000 employees statewide further solidifying Georgia’s leadership position.

“We are a leader in this field and have a lot of companies setting the stage for this industry.” said Glen Whitley, director, Center of Innovation for Information Technology.

Set up to support this industry, the Center of Innovation for Information Technology provides the technical industry expertise, collaborative research, and partnerships to help companies connect, compete and grow.

A great example of the support provided by the Center is through research provided to a Georgia-based company working to develop a system that wirelessly monitors vital signs. The company was having difficulty getting their system to communicate with other hospital information systems (HIS). Through the research connections provided by the Center to Georgia Tech, the company has now developed a platform that will talk seamlessly to other HIS and they are actively testing this platform at a Metro Atlanta hospital.

“Part of our role is to make sure we stay on the pulse of what’s happening and help when possible,” Whitley said.

Read more from the article over at Clinical Innovation + Technology.

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