Georgia’s Aerospace Industry Soaring to New Heights


Capitalizing on it’s multiple strengths, Georgia’s aerospace industry is well on the way to becoming a major player in the global aerospace community.

In both 2012 and 2013, aerospace exports led the way as the State’s No. 1 international export and Georgia continues to remain in the top five nationally for Aerospace exports. Georgia’s aerospace industry also has about $51 billion impact on the state’s economy and employs over 86,000 individuals.

“We say it’s not poultry and peanuts anymore, it’s planes and parts,” said Steve Justice, director of the Georgia Center of Innovation for Aerospace, in a recent interview.

These comments among others were presented to business and government leaders at the Bavarian American Aerospace Symposium held at the Georgia Tech Research Institute on Monday.

With major aerospace manufacturers like Lockheed Martin and Gulfstream Aerospace, and air transportation assets in Delta Air Lines and the world’s busiest passenger airport, Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, Georgia is well positioned to have a successful aerospace industry for many years to come.

Looking to the future, Georgia aerospace researchers and engineers are making strides in space launch and operations, energy efficient aviation, and commercial applications to unmanned aircraft systems. The Center of Innovation for Aerospace has particularly completed many successful projects in the unmanned aircraft systems arena and is working with the Center of Innovation for Agribusiness on potential agriculture applications of the technology.

“We see UAVs as being a huge market for Georgia,” said Steve Justice, director of the Center of Innovation for Aerospace. “It’s estimated that UAVs will bring over $2 billion in total economic impact to our state in just their first five years alone.”

Learn more about Georgia’s aerospace industry by clicking here.

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