Georgia Leading the Way in UAV Technology


As companies and individuals look to the skies for future commercial use of UAVs, The Coca-Cola Company’s use of UAVs in Singapore demonstrates the positive uses of unmanned technology. Coca-Cola delivered “Happiness from the Skies” by using UAVs to deliver beverages with attached handwritten thank-you messages to Singapore’s migrant workers.

Coca-Cola is a world leader in marketing and social media, and this is a creative next step. Commercial use of unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) is not yet available within the United States, but the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is currently developing rules to ensure that creative and positive uses of UAS are part of the safe use of our airspace.

The Georgia Center of Innovation for Aerospace has made UAV integration and commercialization one of its key focuses, and our statewide UAS working group is working to help the FAA enable this technology. Our group includes innovative companies, academic researchers, and ‘early adopters’ who see strong potential for positive use of UAS, and Georgia is working to be a national leader in this technology. We see potential users in agribusiness, public safety, realtors, and infrastructure managers.

“We see UAVs as being a huge market for Georgia,” said Steve Justice, director of the Center of Innovation for Aerospace. “It’s estimated that UAVs will bring over $2 billion in total economic impact to our state in just their first five years alone.”

The Center of Innovation for Aerospace has partnered with industry and academia on several UAV projects to include agricultural use of UAVs with the Center of Innovation for Agribusiness. Learn how Georgia’s efforts are making a difference or explore our videos.

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