Georgia’s Creative Economy is Thriving

By Karen Paty

Atlanta has been receiving a lot of attention recently for its dynamic arts scene and the ground-breaking work being done by its artists & arts institutions. In the last month our office has received a flurry of announcements from voices around the web signaling that they are paying attention to the South, and in particular to Atlanta, Georgia.

“From cutting-edge street art to community-inspired and public-transport projects, the arts scene in Atlanta is thriving.”

The Guardian: “Top 10 galleries, art attractions and events in Atlanta”

“Home to a number of significant cultural venues, Atlanta is a hotspot for contemporary art of all mediums and a fascinating destination in the heart of Georgia.”

The Culture Trip: “Atlanta’s 10 Best Contemporary Art Galleries: Profiling Georgia’s Culture”

“Where one might expect to see San Francisco or New York City at the top of this list, Atlanta was a little surprising; but when considering it ranked in the top 15 in all five of our categories, it was certainly deserved.”

MyLife.com: “The 10 Best Cities to be an Artist”

We were recently given another reason to champion our cultural climate when USA Today ranked Atlanta’s Castleberry Hill as one of the top 10 city art districts.

These are honors well deserved, yet accolades that belong not only to the artists, arts organizations and the community of creatives that produce great art in Atlanta, but to our citizens in all corners of the state that create, and that seek out, support and attend arts and culture events.

The powerful voice and talents of our artists such as Otis Redding, Flannery O’Conner and Benny Andrews have shaped the course of music, literature and visual arts in our country and indeed resonate throughout the world. They are just a few names in a long lineage of Georgia’s artistic ancestry that has molded the course of popular culture and has bred the robust arts community that continues to thrive today.

American music, film, literature, theater, visual arts, dance –would all look and feel different were it not for the influence that Georgia’s contemporary artists have and have had on mass culture. This identity of Georgia as a nexus for a vibrant creative culture draws people in – it attracts tourists and industry, it fuels redevelopment, research, design and innovation; it shapes our present and lays the path for our future. Let us not forget that Georgia art belongs to each of us as a contributor, participant, audience member, observer and that incredible arts experience are not isolated in urban settings, but are waiting to be found in each of our 159 counties.

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