Jobs and Investment Numbers Net Economic Development Awards for Georgia Manufacturing Companies


Manufacturing here in Georgia has a long history built from one of the most skilled and technical workforces in the country. Today, Georgia manufactures everything from cars and jets to life-saving vaccines and medical devices.

Trade & Industry Development recently recognized this deep history by pointing out some recent expansions in the tire and carpet manufacturing sectors. Toyo Tires received the “Corporate Investment Division” award, while Engineered Floors was selected for the “Community Impact Division.”

As Scott D. Swoger, publisher, Trade & Industry Development magazine, and president of its parent company Due North Consulting, Inc. stated:

“These major investments provide a clear snapshot of where and in which industries growth is occurring today. Each of the investments to be made by Trade & Industry Development’s 9th Annual CiCi Award recipients will be transformational for the communities in which the projects will be located.”

The CiCi Awards are unique in that, in addition to commemorating the largest capital investments for development or expansion announced within a designated year, they equally recognize projects for the positive impact they will have on a community, regardless of the amount of money invested by the corporation.

Among the criteria considered for CiCi recognition in the Community Impact division are the number of jobs created and/or retained, area unemployment figures, average income level of the region, area plant closings or decline in industry segments, and the creation of new industry segments with employment opportunities, among others.

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