From Seeds and Skins Springs Wealth: Muscadine Products Corporation

Georgia-based Muscadine Products Corporation has been growing muscadines, “the super food of the South,” since the early 1970s. Muscadines are typically grown for grape consumption and for their juice, but little was known about the potential resting in the skin and seeds.

Muscadine Products Corporation partnered with the Georgia Center of Innovation for Agribusiness to learn more about the untapped potential of the skin and seeds. The partnership helped Muscadine Product Corporation partner with The University of Georgia among other institutions and provided a OneGeorgia matching grant. From this research, scientists discovered that muscadine skins and seeds have a natural anti-inflammatory that can be harnessed to treat intestinal inflammation and to supplement cardiovascular health. Now, Muscadine Product Corporation produces dietary supplements, muscadine skin power and seed capsules in addition to the traditional muscadine juice and concentrate.

Along with helping Muscadine Products Corporation create partnerships with research institutions and apply for funding, COI for Agribusiness helped with process development and revenue generation strategies.

“The Center of Innovation has shown us doors that we didn’t know existed and have also helped opened doors that we may have seen but weren’t able to get through,” said Chris Paulk, CEO of Muscadine Products Corporation.

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