Are you a Georgia company interested in increasing profits and diversifying your risk through exporting? How about a multinational firm that is looking for the right North American location to expand or relocate? This video provides a short introduction to Georgia’s international reps and our in-state trade team.

The Georgia Department of Economic Development (GDEcD) has rapidly expanded its global reach after opening its first international offices in Europe and Japan in 1973. Now GDEcD operates 10 offices in strategic markets around the world in addition to its Atlanta headquarters. International representatives from  these offices promote foreign direct investment, tourism, and film, music and digital entertainment opportunities in addition to sharing their cultural knowledge, customs experience and business networks with Georgia business owners hoping to expand internationally.

“Instead of Googling Brazil and trying to figure out the rules myself, I can get a Brazilian who lives there, understands the rules, knows the people and the place, and can walk us through, so we can worry about the business and technology, and not all those other things… ” Rick Cope, CEO, NanoLumens

Georgia companies gain both global insights and global connections through the programs and services provided by the International Trade Team. Local companies benefit from GDEcD’s export knowledge and country and industry-specific research. GDEcD also has services designed to match Georgia suppliers with international buyers or representatives. The international representatives can offer customized assistance in Brazil, Canada, Chile, China, the European Union, Israel, Japan, Korea, Mexico and the U.K & Ireland.

“They are an extension of our sales force,” Rich Cavagnaro, President, AdEdge Technologies

GDEcD serves hundreds of Georgia companies in their pursuit of international expansion. The examples below are just a few of the many success stories. By providing local businesses with resources domestically and abroad and promoting foreign direct investment, GDEcD’s international representatives are an integral part of enhancing Georgia’s status as a leader in global commerce.

  • AdEdge
    • Received in-country assistance for trade expansion in Canada and Chile
    • Attended 2 trade shows
    • Reported increase in export sales and multiple international representation agreements
  • NanoLumens
    • Received in-country assistance in Brazil
    • Made connections with new international partners
    • Signed their first international million dollar deal
  • SASCO,  2011 Governor’s International Trade Award Recipient
    • Received in-country assistance in Mexico
    • Attended metal working trade show in Mexico
    • Exports increased by 120 % and  sales in Mexico increased by 2700%

Are you our next success story?

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