The Value of the Right Connections: Thrush Aircraft

The right connection is often the missing link in the successful innovation of a new product. This was the exact situation Albany, Ga.-based Thrush Aircraft found themselves in when they began work on their latest aircraft, the 510G.
Thrush Aircraft is a global leader in the aviation sector, producing aircraft for agricultural spray operations. They had identified a new engine as the ideal fit for this new aircraft, but they were missing the right business partner. They turned to the Georgia Center of Innovation for Aerospace who established the necessary connection ultimately leading to the production of the first U.S. agricultural aircraft certified with the GE H80 turboprop engine.
The Center of Innovation for Aerospace also connected Thrush Aircraft to the Middle Georgia State College School of Aviation who purchased the flight testing equipment needed to achieve FAA certification.
The bottom line: Thrush Aircraft has added 42 jobs and an annual payroll of nearly $1 million as a result of the 510G.


“The win for Thrush Aircraft is a win for the center and the technical schools and colleges that are in the aerospace industry. The ultimate winner is the consumer; they are getting a better product than they ever had,” said Payne Hughes, president, Thrush Aircraft.

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