Energizing Georgia and Creating New Wealth

“Innovation creates wealth. We believe the next decade is going to be all about energy and there is going to be a lot of innovation and a lot of wealth is going to be created.” –Costas Simoglou, director of the COI for Energy.
One of the six Georgia Centers of Innovation (COI), the COI for Energy works to develop the energy industry in Georgia. “Our mission,” said the director, Costas Simoglou, “is to position the State of Georgia among the leaders in the energy technology industry.” This includes developing local businesses, attracting international businesses and connecting private industry with key Georgia resources, the universities and the government.
In the energy industry, innovation is especially critical. “We have to do this,” Simoglou emphasizes. “We don’t have a choice. Do we want to buy [energy] from someone else, or do we want to make it here in Georgia and therefore create the innovation, create the jobs and create the wealth?”
One of the international companies that came to Georgia is Sputnik Technology USA, Inc., a Swiss energy company. Michael Ernst, president, says of the COI, “Because the COI is here, […] we were able to get in touch with the right people at Georgia Tech, we were able to find the right spot to build our office and testing lab.” Since locating to Norcross, Sputnik Technology USA has hired engineers, established a lab, supported Georgia research and donated equipment to Georgia Tech for further research.
Sputnik Technology, Inc. is just one link in the “solar ecosystem” in Georgia. Find out more about the COI for Energy.
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