In the past four years, Georgia’s exports grew over 51%. While Georgia has a great business environment and infrastructure—including the world’s most efficient airport and the fourth-largest U.S. port—a major catalyst for this export growth is our International Trade Team.
“They’re bringing opportunities to us around the globe,” said Rich Cavagnaro, President of Adedge Technologies..
The Trade Team helps Georgia-based businesses increase their exports—free of charge—by identifying distributors and customers through on the ground support from international representatives in 10 strategic markets. In addition, Trade organizes targeted tradeshows in key markets, coordinates company meetings, bridges language barriers, explains cultural nuances and a host of other services.
Watch this video to see Georgia executives’ descriptions of how Trade helped their companies. For one, SASCO, grew exports 120% globally and 2700% in the Mexican market. As SASCO’s President and CFO Mark Scalla puts it:
“Businesses that are located in Georgia now, don’t wait as long as we did to reach out. The Georgia Department of Economic Development is really a resource for you to use […] and for businesses that aren’t in Georgia, come join us. It’s a great place to do business.”
New to exporting? Consider the fact that exporting leads to:

  • 20% Faster Growth
  • 20% Higher Wages
  • Reduced Risks
  • Increase Profits

For global insights and global connections, contact the International Trade Team.

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