The logistics industry is crucial in corporate operations and competitiveness and companies must hire educated and properly trained workers in order to grow. A new report from the Georgia Center of Innovation for Logistics, “The Logistics of Education and the Education of Logistics” addresses the high demand for logistics based jobs and the current logistics programs colleges and universities offer.
It has received a lot of interest from the media:

From an education standpoint, the report states the need for a variety of trained workers to fill the range of job functions. The range includes high school, post-secondary and graduate level programs.

Preparing Students

Students preparing for a career in logistics today need a unique skill set. They must understand the global market – government regulation and compliance – software use and data management –  and to accommodate unexpected changes in the economy and environment.
The logistics report has several compelling recommendations:

  • Documentation of logistics as an independent industry sector
  • Earlier visibility in the education process
  • Enhanced opportunities for internships that will provide real-world logistics experiences
  • Better coordination and support for technical colleges
  • Reduced or eliminated hurdles for military personnel transitioning into civilian life
  • Enhanced marketing and promotion of logistics education.

To view the full report, visit The Logistics of Education and Education of Logistics.

Did you know?

With more than 9,500 openings per year created by Georgia’s logistics industry alone, Georgia is leading the way in logistics-related employment.
The state ranks fifth in the nation in overall logistics employment and is home to 11,000 providers of logistics services.  Georgia companies such as Home Depot, Coca-Cola and Gulfstream rely heavily on logistics and the efficient flow of freight to operate their businesses.
TheGeorgia Center of Innovation for Logistics, a division of the Georgia Department of Economic Development, is the leading statewide resource for fueling logistics industry growth and global competitiveness. The Center directly assists companies to overcome challenges and capitalize on opportunities related to the movement of freight. We provide focused expertise, specific industry data, connections to state resources, and an extensive cross-sector industry network.

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