We wanted to share a recent article showcasing Georgia in the November-December issue of Global Trade Magazine.
This feature tells the real-world story of the tools, resources and connections that Georgia’s international trade office has to help small businesses grow and how Georgia is positioned to lead the nation in trade growth.
One Georgia company, SASCO, aiming to expand international sales, turned to the Georgia Department of Economic Development for help and used assets that make the state a leader ininternational trade, such as the state’s free workforce training program and unrivaled logistics infrastructure.
SASCO executives explain how GDEcD introduced them to key industry contacts that led to relationships that significantly increased international sales, and much more.
And NCR, Caterpillar and Georgia Hydraulic executives chime in on how the state made them welcome, helped them relocate or expand, helped them train their staff — and even created a mock factory for NCR.
“They brought out all the guns,” says Rick Marquardt–SVP at NCR, “Georgia delivered on every single opportunity they offered and more.”

Click here to read the full article. We hope you’ll enjoy reading it.

And also make sure to check our upcoming international trade events. This is the first step in growing your export activities.

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