The Mike Cottrell School of Business’s Center for the Future of North Georgia is proud to host 2012 Economic Development Summit. Our theme this year is “Going Global for Growth.” In partnership with the North Georgia Network and multiple other sponsors, this event will help attendees gain an understanding of the success factors for international companies locating facilities and headquarters in north Georgia communities. In addition, attendees will develop a deeper understanding and appreciation for export options and the tremendous opportunities for business and economic growth. As always, attendees will enjoy the networking.
For economic development professionals and government participants, international business provides more diverse opportunities. It also presents more diverse challenges. The summit attempts to provide a forum for discussing these opportunities and challenges such that all parties involved enjoy a more prosperous future. A panel of international experts and business leaders has been selected to share their experiences and answer questions from the audience. Successful local and national projects will be highlighted and discussed providing examples of what is possible and how to go get it.
For businesses, the summit presents an opportunity to learn more about international companies including their cultural differences and business practices. The event includes distinguished speakers and real-life information. This includes what businesses can expect in terms of their own growth and expansion, new business creation, business relocations from other areas, and changes in the demands of the labor market. Business owners, managers, and employees will learn about significant growth opportunities, how to create strategies for the future, see comparisons from other areas that benefited from international projects, and the competition and challenges to come in the new global environment.
This event will be a value-adding experience for anyone interested in gaining insight into a new future of global business and economic growth in the north Georgia region. With economic information, comparison projects, and networking opportunities, the event promises to prepare participants for a broader view beyond local and national borders. The future will bring opportunity for growth that the north Georgia area hasn’t seen before.
Be a part of the future by starting the journey now. Plan to attend the “Going Global for Growth” Economic Development Summit this Friday, March 15 on the North Georgia College & State University campus.
2012 Economic Development Summit
North Georgia College & State University Campus
Dahlonega, GA
March 15, 2012
8:00am – 3:00pm
Suzanne Browne
Project Manager, Existing Industry and Regional Recruitment
Region 2, Northeast Georgia

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