As an industry-focused component of the state’s economic development efforts, the Center of Innovation for Logistics provides Georgia companies with the industry expertise, information tools, and direct assistance in creating new products and services to help “fuel their logistics competitiveness.” Logistics is a strategic focus for the state and is uniquely backed by the Center, which provides the statewide framework, connections, and university resources to address the constant challenges of a complex industry.

We have found that issues important to logistics companies of all types and to the industry as a whole typically fall into three primary categories. This is what we call the “three V’s” of logistics: volume, velocity, and visibility. In each of these areas we focus on how technology and innovation can be leveraged to meet these challenges and thus accelerate growth and competitiveness in logistics.

We also host an Annual Georgia Logistics Summit that in only three years has grown to become the premier statewide logistics event in Georgia. The Summit, to be held on February 8, 2012, brings together all sectors of the logistics industry, both public and private, to learn about the latest developments in logistics, legislative updates, and hear from businesses about the needs and opportunities they have for logistics providers. It also provides a unique networking opportunity for companies and has led to several collaborative efforts to solve problems and enhance business development. Register now for the 2012 event at summit.georgialogistics.org!

Additionally, the Center provides several informational tools
to aid companies in positioning their businesses for success. One of the most popular tools is the monthly Logistics Market Snapshot which provides a concise list of market indices for all modes of transportation and logistics as well as a few overall indicators of the general health of the economy.

If you are a logistics company with a great idea, please contact us! Check out our website at georgialogistics.org, or tune in next Wednesday to see me answer your questions in the Georgia @ Work LIVE chat! Ask me all your logistics questions – log in at www.ustream.tv/channel/georgia-at-work on Wednesday, October 19, at 10.30am EDT. Join the conversation!

Page Siplon
Executive Director
Center of Innovation for Logistics

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