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Take a drive on any highway in the country, and you’ll see one thing in common: trucks. But have you ever wondered what these trailers are carrying? It could be hunting supplies destined for a sporting goods store, clothes for the big back to school sale or your favorite frozen treat on its way to your neighborhood supermarket. No matter what the item, how large or small, heavy or light, hot or cold, chances are it came from a distribution center.

CNBC recently ranked Georgia’s transportation infrastructure as number 2 in the nation! And Middle Georgia is leveraging its great infrastructure to support and grow job opportunities in the warehousing and distribution industry.  Building on assets such as Interstates 16 and 75, Region Six has developed into a warehousing and distribution hub for not only Georgia, but the southeastern United States. With diesel prices hovering just under $4.00 per gallon, companies want their trucks on the road as little as possible. And Middle Georgia is a great location to make that wish a reality, since our region is in a 2-day haul of 80% of the U.S. population!

Just take a look around at the companies established here to see the success that Middle Georgia has had in developing distribution as a core industry. Academy Sports + OutdoorsBass Pro ShopsGresco, the Haband CompanyKohl’s , Sara Lee and North Coast Logistics all distribute their products from Middle Georgia. Manufacturers like Anchor GlassFrito LayGraphic PackagingNichihaPerdue Farms, and Blue Bird  recognize the strategic advantage that  Middle Georgia’s transportation corridors provide – connecting their products to the world quickly and efficiently. Businesses specializing in third-party logistics, such as Gilmer Warehouses and Saddle Creek, are also growing throughout the area, providing tailor-made support and logistics services to a multitude of Middle Georgia companies.

All of these companies recognize Georgia’s superior infrastructure and have taken advantage of what Middle Georgia has to offer. Give us a call to see what we can do to improve your distribution operations!

Jennifer Nelson
Deputy Director, Existing Industry and Regional Recruitment
Region 6, Middle Georgia

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