Have what, you ask?  I bet you have an insert from the Sunday paper. The one from Target, or Walmart, or maybe Macy’s, JC Penney, Staples, Office Max or CVS?  Do you have the Cabela’s, Williams-Sonoma, L.L. Bean, Victoria’s Secret or Coldwater Creek catalog? How about a National Geographic, People’s, Men’s Health, or Traditional Home Magazine? Maybe a book published by the Meredith Corporation or McGraw Hill, or even the Yellow Book? If you do, there is a good chance that it was printed, bound and distributed by Quad Graphics in The RockUpson County, GA.

Quad is not your basic printing press operation. The company gives its customers the ability to stand out in the marketplace through specialty design applications, perforation, custom folding, UV finishes and varnish coatings that make the images pop off of the page.

Quad Graphics was founded in 1971 by Harry Quadracci in Pewaukee, WI with one press and one saddle stitcher, and is run today by his son Joel Quadracci. At its beginning, Harry’s dream was to create a company where employees and clients work as partners. He was looking for more than just short-term profits and bottom-line numbers. That dream has been made reality by motivating ordinary people to accomplish extraordinary things.

Today Quad is the second largest commercial printer in the world – with sales over $4.8 billion and employing 28,000 people globally. They employ more than 400 in Upson County! The company is a leader in all market segments served, ranking first in Retail Inserts, Catalogs and Magazines, second in Books and Directories and in the top five in Direct Mail.

Quad is the leader of “just in time and just in sequence” for the printing world.  Quad works with its client to determine market need and placement demand. How about the magazine fragrance inserts?  They can be “blown in” and delivered to specific segments within the customer’s market! And all of this completed on a single press line! The company is also part of the U.S. EPA Smartway Transportation Partnership. From start to finish, Quad is about quality for their customers, consumers and their employees.  Quad isLEED Certified and only uses the environmental leaders along its supply chain. Caring equally for the environment and the customer!

Quad remains fully committed to realizing Harry’s vision of finding “a better way” — whether that’s putting ink on paper, creating revenue-generating marketing solutions, servicing customers beyond expectations, or taking care of its employees and their families. Quad is a great partner for Georgia down in Upson County, and we are thrilled to have them as a part of our community.

E. Jane Caraway
Project Manager, Existing Industry and Regional Recruitment
Region 4, Southwest Metro

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