Buy American—More Specifically, Region Nine!

My family and I attended a sporting event a few weeks ago and as part of the 9/11 Remembrance activities, American Flags were given to everyone. After a quick glance at his flag, my seven-year old asked, “Daddy, why is the American Flag made in China?” This simple question, asked from an inquisitive child filled with so much wonder, got me thinking: “What is still made in America?” Well, the answer is PLENTY!

Just take a look at the part of Southeast Georgia that I call home. Each of the 17 counties in Region Nine that I work with every day has great businesses and industries that make and distribute products that you can probably find at home or in your office…right now.

Food products such as poultry, candy, canned tuna and fruitcake are processed, packaged and distributed throughout the world, right here from South Georgia! Construction materials, such as lumber, metal panels, windows, climate control equipment, and furniture are all manufactured here. Even home goods and electronics are supplied by companies throughout the region.

Now, all the buzz is about being green, but don’t forget about the green just beyond your front door: your lawn! Lawnmowers and many of the parts you need to keep your equipment in tip-top shape in order to have a great-looking lawn are manufactured and shipped from local communities, by our friends and neighbors.

And don’t forget about agriculture! Blueberries, decorative trees and shrubs and of course, the world famous Vidalia Onions® are grown, harvested, processed and distributed from points throughout South Georgia. Even crickets are cultivated and supplied to the northern US and beyond.

So join me as we take a field trip through Southeast Georgia and explore the places and people that not only make the items that we buy, but make this area so special. See you on the road…

Ryan Waldrep
Project Manager, Existing Industry and Regional Recruitment
Region 9, South/Middle Georgia

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