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Communication is key in any relationship, and here at the Georgia Department of Economic Development, we want to communicate more with you, the members of our communities. Mark your calendars: September 27th is the inaugural Georgia @ Work Live Chat. This new, monthly event will feature a GDEcD director, project manager or partner who will answer audience questions about their area of expertise. We are excited to get our passionate community members and businesses involved in these discussions!

Our first featured speaker is Kathe Falls, who is our director of International Trade. She and her team help grow Georgia’s exports and work towards the creation and retention of export-related jobs. They assist small- and medium-sized Georgia businesses with global research and insights, connecting them with international counterparts and helping them go global. On September 27th, the topic of discussion will center on finding overseas markets, the programs provided by the Department, and upcoming trade missions.

Kathe looks forward to answering your questions. Ask her anything! To submit questions or topics of discussion please visit us on Facebook, Twitter, email or simply leave a comment here. We will try to answer all questions, and answers to those that do not make it on air will be featured in a blog post following the event.

To take part in this discussion:
Go to: www.ustream.tv/channel/georgia-at-work
Date: September 27
Time: 10:30-10:45am

Log in with your Facebook or Twitter account in order to make comments and ask questions during the live discussion.

We look forward to seeing you there!

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For more information on Georgia’s public-private business partnerships, contact the Georgia Department of Economic Development at 404.962.4000.

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