Beaver Manufacturing

They have been busy as beavers in Mansfield, Georgia.  Beaver Manufacturing is growing again and adding more than $1M in new equipment as the company celebrates its 40th anniversary.

The Mansfied -based company chemically treats yarn for use in a variety of hose applications, from a plastic or rubber garden hose to the incredibly thick thermoplastic and metal-reinforced hoses that support oil rigs miles off shore.

The company was founded in 1971 by Ed Needham and Kenneth King. Ed still owns the company which employs more than 130, many of whom have been there since graduating from high school.

Needham named the company Beaver Manufacturing for three reasons: the beaver is the national animal of his native Canada, Needham didn’t want to name the company after himself, and his brother already had an established business called Beaver Rope Company, so Needham hoped to play off his brother’s success.

Needham not only developed a new way to treat yarn, he discovered a need in the yarn market to fill. Today Beaver is by far the largest domestic producer of hose yarn, and they sell so much yarn that their facilities run at nearly maximum capacity. The company has more than 700 distinct products used in hoses from A to Z – from (A) air conditioning hoses to (Z) the z-swivel grease gun. Beaver Manufacturing has approximately 50 customers in countries such as France, Germany, Mexico, Brazil, Italy, Korea and some in Eastern Europe that run more than 200 combined plants on five continents.

This year Beaver received its fifth nomination for the Georgia Manufacturer of the Year. This prestigious award is given to companies in small, medium and large manufacturer categories that exhibit a high degree of corporate responsibility, economic impact on Georgia and workforce excellence. Learn more about manufacturing in Georgia.

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