We are always happy to see our counties working together, so I’m proud to report that the development authorities of RichmondColumbia and Burke counties are forming an Industry Resource Group to assist companies in finding the resources available for their growth opportunities. The purpose is to promote collaboration, improve the business climate and address challenges and concerns. The group is supported by the Development Authorities, Georgia Power, and several state resource partners, which  means that, as Region 7’s Project Manager for the Georgia Department of Economic Development, I get to play a role!

As I meet and discuss this initiative with manufacturers, I have found them to be eager to attend the first meeting, to share their thoughts and ideas and to become part of the network.  They have suggested that the group tour area industries to learn and gain insight of how others run their operations. This in itself indicates that they welcome the assistance the Industry Resource Group can provide – it’s also a smart, inexpensive way to do business through sharing and gaining insight on existing resources that will be made available to them. I am pleased to have experience working with many of the companies; however, adding the valuable networking with other resource providers and companies is even more powerful.

The first meeting of the Industry Resource Group will be hosted by the Development Authority of Richmond County on the morning of August 24.  The first order of business is to introduce the mission and purpose of the Group and gain feedback from the industries. If you are a business located in Richmond, Columbia, or Burke counties, give me a call for details at 706.792.7294!
Adela Kelley
Senior Project Manager, Existing Industry and Regional Recruitment
Region 7, East Georgia

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