Georgia Logistics: Thriving in a Changing Ecosystem

Are you an executive in logistics or supply chain management? Are you a provider of services to the logistics industry? Is your business operation heavily reliant on the efficient, reliable and secure flow of goods? Have you wondered how to get better connected in the logistics and supply chain industry? Have you ever asked the question, “Where are new market opportunities and how can I complete for more business in these new markets?” If so, then the Third Annual Georgia Logistics Summit is the place for you to be on May 9th and 10th! The Summit has become the largest and most collaborative event of its kind for Georgia’s logistics industry, and beyond.
The theme of this year’s Summit is “Thriving in a Changing Ecosystem.” As we continue to face both challenging and changing economic times in our industry, our state, our nation and our world, it is vital that we look for opportunities for growth in new markets. With this in mind, our goal for the summit is to provide you with the chance to hear directly from a wide range of industry experts on how to compete in six strategic markets: Agribusiness, Air Freight, Energy, Life Sciences, Manufacturing and Ocean Freight. These “Opportunity Sessions” are unique chances to explore the needs, requirements, challenges and opportunities each of these growing markets uniquely presents.
Our featured keynote and guest speakers will also be focusing on this topic of thriving in change. In the morning, you will hear updates and information related to the progress being made at the state and federal level for logistics and freight transportation. Over lunch, we’ll examine the role technology plays in finding opportunity in this complex, inter-dependent logistics ecosystem. Finally, we will close the 2011 Summit with a more global look at this complex ecosystem and what the future might hold. Armed with this insight and information, you will leave this summit with a better understanding of the ways the ecosystem is changing – and how to take advantage and thrive!
As a companion to the Summit, watch for the release of the Post-Summit-Edition of the 2011 Georgia Logistics Report which will feature compiled highlights and information gleaned from each of the six Opportunity Sessions and other speakers. This comprehensive report will be available – free of charge – by visiting our dedicated website: REPORT.GEORGIALOGISTICS.ORG
Registration for the Third Annual Georgia Logistics Summit is live at Summit.GeorgiaLogistics.org.


Guest Author:
Page Siplon is the Executive Director of the Center of Innovation for Logistics and has served in this capacity since 2005. As an industry focused component of the Georgia Department of Economic Development, the Center of Innovation for Logistics is the state’s leading resource for fueling logistics competitiveness.

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