An Industry Tour of Georgia’s Coast – from Executive Jets to Honey Bees

When you think of Georgia’s coast, do you think of beaches, seafood, golf, historic sites, military bases, and the ports?  In the world of economic development we think of all that plus the innovative companies that call our coastal region home.  We feel privileged for the opportunity to work with many companies each year to assure they are receiving every possible business incentive and opportunity.

Meet Alyce Thornhill, GDEcD’s coastal project manager, who represents the department in the coastal region. Prior to joining GDEcD Alyce was the economic development director for the city of St. Mary’s. Having lived in the region and worked with many local and state partners for years, Alyce is well-equipped to help the coastal region with its many business opportunities.

GDEcD has divided Georgia into twelve regions, each one staffed with a local representative that supports its unique and diverse industry sectors. Here is a small sampling of companies that give the coastal region its distinctive flavor:

Georgia Pacific Cellulose, which operates state-of-the-art pulp mills in three states; King & Prince Seafood, producer of quality seafood since 1924; and GSI Commerce, a top customer care and technology company.

On the military and aviation front, we have Jered LLC, a leading designer and manufacturer of steering gear systems for the U.S. Navy; Aerospace Missions Corporation, an R&D company on the cutting edge of revolutionary unmanned aerial vehicle sensor technology; Daniel Defense, manufacturer of accessories and parts for military small arms; Gulfstream, a manufacturer of executive jet aircraft; Firth Rixson, a supplier to aerospace engine manufacturers; and LMI  Aerospace www.lmiaerospace.com, a leading provider of structural components to the aerospace, defense and technical industries.

And then there’s International Paper, the largest producer of paper bags in the country; Effacec, manufacturer of electric transformers; Great Dane, the world’s leading trailer manufacturer; and the award-winning Savannah Bee Company which is “redefining honey.”

From logistics to aerospace to food processing and advanced manufacturing and technology, the coastal region is an important asset to the state and region with its diversity and competitive edge.

The Georgia Department of Economic Development’s regional Project Managers visit over 1400 companies each year, sharing information on Georgia’s tax credits and exemptions, export assistance,   available buildings and sites, and connecting them to a myriad of state and federal resources.  A free service, these experts who live and work in their respective regions are ready to help.  For more information on how these project managers serve industry, and to contact Alyce Thornhill in Region 12, visit our website http://www.georgia.org/business-resources/expand-a-business-in-georgia/.


Dara Barwick is the Director of the Existing Industry and Regional Recruitment Program within the department’s Global Commerce Division. She and her team assists companies in locating or expanding in Georgia.

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