Welcome to the brand-new blog of the Georgia Department of Economic Development! This space will be home to valuable information for those of you interested in learning more about our state’s business and investment opportunities. If you’re looking to relocate, or if you’re helping someone to relocate, this is the place for you. Georgia is a little different from our neighbors and competitors – our people still exude southern charm and hospitality, but we also have a serious eye on cultivating business and a knack for spurring innovation. Atlanta is a thriving international city, and our sleepy little town squares are bustling with new solutions to worldwide problems. We think we have the best of both worlds, and we look forward to telling you about the specifics that set us apart.
A lot of the “big story” in economic development is incentives, and Georgia is highly competitive in that game. But it’s not just tax breaks. We know that you want to bring your business somewhere you can hire bright employees. Where you easily can get where you need to go. Often it boils down to a quality of life question – is this somewhere I would want to live? Where I would want to bring my family? Well, we think Georgia is the answer to a lot of questions like these. We’ve got plenty to offer, and here on this blog we plan to give you details that back up our claims. We want to make your investment decision – or your clients’ investment decision – as easy as possible.
Most posts will be made by the directors of our industry investment teams: Tom Croteau, Bill Dobbs, Mary Douglass, Carol Henderson and Mark Lytle. These are experts, not just in economic development, but in the industry fields of the companies they work with – things like logistics, aerospace, bioscience, etc. Their bios are below. Occasionally we’ll have guest bloggers from our international locations or from others around the office. We look forward to this being a conversation – feel free to ask questions or leave comments. Tell us what you want to discover, and we’ll find it for you!

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For more information on Georgia’s public-private business partnerships, contact the Georgia Department of Economic Development at 404.962.4000.

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